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Looking for actors

Hi guys! I'm a Digital Film freshie who is in desperate need of TWO actors for my final project.

I have to film one scene from a 3-page script I have written. It deals with a middle-aged Minister, Bob, breaking off his affair with a younger man named Jack. Bob's wife has found out about this little tryst and threatens him with telling his entire church that he's a homosexual if he doesn't end his relationship with Jack -now-.

Filming will take place (TENTATIVELY) on Friday, April 25th, at around 4 PM. It won't take more than six hours. I will take whoever wants to do it, regardless of gender, age, or experience. This final project is focused on learning how to set up shots, not on making the actual movie.

There are a few catches: You can't leave the set for the entire time we're filming. I also can't pay you, it has to be done for free. And, the biggest catch of all: You must be willing to KISS and be touchy-feely with your acting opposite. Despite the script calling for a homosexual couple, I am willing to make this hetero for the time being. ;)

The advantage of this? You get to freshen up on your acting skills, eat free snacks, see how the filming process works, and get to know the lovely Digital Film student body and faculty.

You can respond by commenting on this post or e-mailing me at lbatdorf AT ringling DOT edu. Please be quick about it.

Thanks a ton in advance!
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